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EPOC Working Paper No. 19 / Work Package 01
2024 / Matthieu Bulté, Helle Sørensen

An Autoregressive Model for Time Series of Random Objects

EPOC Working Paper No. 18 / Work Package 03
2024 / Nurten Kaynarca, Antoine Mandel

Technological evolution of production networks

EPOC Working Paper No. 17 / Work Package 01
2024 / Susanne Ditlevsen, Predrag Pilipovic, Adeline Samson

Strang Splitting for Parametric Inference in Second-order Stochastic Differential Equations

EPOC Working Paper No. 16 / Work Package 02
2024 / Pablo Nunez Yebra, Jeroen van den Bergh, Ivan Savin, Jozsef Zsiros

Conditions and pathways for a climate club to reach a more ambitious global treaty

EPOC Working Paper No. 15 / Work Package 02
2024 / Riccardo Di Leo, Catarina Midões

Good COP/Bad COP: Global Political Initiatives and Climate Change Attitudes in Europe

EPOC Working Paper No. 14 / Work Package 02
2024 / Catarina Midões, Jeroen van den Bergh, Ivan Savin

A meta-analysis of synergy between carbon pricing and renewable-energy policies

EPOC Working Paper No. 13 / Work Package 01
2024 / Michel Grabisch, M. Alperen Yasar

Frequentist belief update under ambiguous evidence in social networks

EPOC Working Paper No. 12 / Work Package 01
2023 / Matthieu Bulté, Helle Sørensen

Medoid splits for efficient random forests in metric spaces

EPOC Working Paper No. 11 / Work Package 03
2023 / Miquel Bassart i Loré

Green innovation policies in complex landscapes: An agent-based approach

EPOC Working Paper No. 10 / Work Package 01
2023 / Tommaso Di Francesco, Cars Hommes

Sentiment-Driven Speculation in Financial Markets with Heterogeneous Beliefs: a Machine Learning approach

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