Non-Academic Partners

Non-Academic Partners

EPOC Experts: Carlo Jaeger, Heiko Thomas

Global Climate Forum e.V.

GCF – Global Climate Forum e.V., founded in 2001 and based in Berlin, is a global research association that initiates and performs high-class research on climate change and related global challenges. It performs research in close interaction with stakeholders and provides a pluralistic communication platform. The research of GCF focuses on problems where different stakeholders have differing views, and GCF cultivates pluralistic exchanges on a basis of mutual respect. GCF's goal is to clarify differences and produce analyses that summarize and advance our state of knowledge in critical areas. GCF operates in the network of governments, corporations and social movements that has formed around the issue of sustainability and climate change.

GOLIN Science Management

GOLIN SCIENCE MANAGEMENT (GSM) – founded in 2002 and based in Berlin, Germany – is a consultancy company focused on not-for-profit management, in particular in relation to science, education and foundations. Its main areas of activity are: strategy and organisational development, human resource development, fundraising and foundation management.

Greenland Institute of Natural Resources

The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR) is the center for providing the scientific basis for assessment of sustainable use of the living resources in and around Greenland as well as protecting the environment and securing the biological diversity. A major challenge in Arctic marine ecosystems is to understand underlying complex cascading effects of climate change and changes in anthropogenic activities. In this context the present project is very timely.

Institute for Climate Economics

The Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE) is a Paris-based think tank with expertise in economics and finance with the mission to support action against climate change. Through its applied research, the Institute contributes to the debate on climate-related policies. It also publishes research to support financial institutions, businesses and territories in the fight against climate change and that assists with the incorporation of climate issues into their activities and operations.

I4CE is a registered non-profit organisation, founded by the French National Promotional Bank Caisse des Dépôts and the French Development Agency.

Italian National Statistical Institute

The Italian National Institute of Statistics, a public research organisation, is the main producer of official statistics in the service of citizens and policy-makers. It operates in complete independence and continuous interaction with the academic and scientific communities. Since 1989 Istat has been performing the role of directing, coordinating, and providing technical assistance and training within the National Statistical System (Sistan).

Lucidminds B.V.

Lucidminds BV​ (LMAI) is an Amsterdam-based organisation consisting of a data science expert group with a strong focus on agent-based modelling and big data analytics. LMAI has a solid track record for rapid prototyping of complex systems and IT solutions to support systemic change, with deep knowledge in humans-in-the-loop algorithm design, data pipeline architectures and software development. We also have expertise in behavioural modelling.

Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC)

Fondazione CMCC is a non-profit research institution. Its mission is to investigate and model our climate system and its interactions with society to provide reliable, rigorous, and timely scientific results, which will in turn stimulate sustainable growth, protect the environment, and develop science driven adaptation and mitigation policies in a changing climate. Fondazione CMCC’s scientific activities are distributed among nine research divisions that share different knowledge and skills in the field of climate science. In particular the ECIP Division on “Economic analysis of Climate Impacts and Policy”, based in Venice, aims to characterize economically different climate change scenarios. This consists firstly in the development of economic assessments of climate change impacts, and secondly in the evaluation and design of effective and feasible policies to adapt to climate change.

Munich Climate Insurance Initiative e.V

The Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII) was initiated as a charitable organisation by representatives of insurers, research institutes and NGOs in April 2005 in response to the growing realisation that insurance-related solutions can play a role in adaptation to climate change, as advocated in the Framework Convention and the Kyoto Protocol. To achieve this, MCII brings together individual experts who are engaged in a variety of fields such as the private insurance industry, NGOs, academia and climate adaptation practice, in order to find effective and fair solutions to the risks posed by climate change. MCII, through its unique set-up, provides a forum and gathering point for exploring ways how to create incentive structures for risk and poverty reduction for the poorest and most vulnerable people in developing countries.

EPOC Experts: Luigi Geppert

SKKIP Consulting srl

Skkip is a management consulting company focused on finding the best solutions to complex problems through innovative methods. Our mission is to assist firms with their decision-making processes in order to better assess the impacts of these decisions on competitive advantage over time. Despite being in its start-up phase, our team includes professionals who have over thirty years of experience coming from a range of backgrounds, including academics, senior consultants, ex-managers, engineers and accountants, thus offering a variation of distinctive competencies and expertise. Our consultants have proven experience in a range of markets – for example pharmaceutical, transportation, automotive, textile and food – both in SMEs and MLEs. Our distinctive competency lies in our consultative approach; we combine traditional consulting methods with strategic simulation modelling tools to support decisions. Our consulting support can be provided with or without dynamic simulation modelling: we identify specific problems, formulate strategic decisions, and analyze their future outcomes in a zero-risk environment. Thanks to our approach we are able to:

  • provide financial, industrial and commercial feasibility analyses: supply chain network, design, manufacturing process analysis and improvement, market penetration strategies;
  • guide organizations towards improving industrial and financial objectives;
  • support and encourage M&A transactions, and other financial transactions in general, such as supply chain financing.

Talents’ Friends GmbH

Talents’ Friends GmbH (TalFr) was founded at the end of 2011 by three graduates from Bielefeld University: Alexander Bongartz, Philipp Moehlmeier and Jan Philipp Platenius. The three founders got to know each other in a student consultancy and by working together on various consultancy projects for small and medium-sized companies.

“Talents’ Friends - Identifying talents, combining potentials and founding companies” – that is the slogan of TalFr. TalFr sees itself as an incubator which brings together investors and talented people with smart business ideas to jointly build up (internet) start-ups in the digital industry. So far, TalFr has established two subsidiaries: “IT-Talents GmbH” (talent relationship platform to early connect small and medium sized companies with talented students from computer science) and “GGP Gesellschaft für Gesundheit und Personal mbH” (personnel service provider for dentists, doctors and pharmacies).

Since April 2013, TalFr is backed up and supported by several business angels (e.g. Hartmut Ostrowski, formerly Bertelsmann and Dr. Ralf Struthoff, formerly Moneybookers, Veolia and Lycos Europe). In a second round financing in June 2015, further business angels invested into TF (e.g. Dr. Thomas Bentz, formerly Melitta and Prof. Dr. Burkhard Schwenker, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants).
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